We have more details on that huge Samsung Galaxy Note today, not only did Samsung just release the source code but now it appears they’ve dropped the price too. For those looking to buy this is a good sign, and the release date in the UK has been moved from November 17th to November 1st. Online retailer the Clove announced both the price cut and that the device will be available come November 1st.

Good news all around. Getting a price cut and a sooner release date is a win win. According to sources, Clove said, “It looks like Samsung may have realized the initial price of £559 for the Note was perhaps a little too high – it’s now been dropped to £495.” If you’ve got the cash and would like the throw this 5.3″ dual-core powered superphone slate up to your ear, the chance might be yours sooner than we expected.

Check out our hands-on with the Galaxy Note
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Being this close to the release date the prices listed above are most likely accurate and what we’ll see at launch, but as usual they could change at the last minute. With the Galaxy Nexus coming soon and at a lower price users will have to decide if the larger screen on the Note is worth it or not. Watch the video and look over our hands-on coverage above and decide for yourself, then in a few more weeks you can pick up the device that suits you.

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