The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is presently the talk of the town. We’re anticipating sales will exceed those of the previous Note 5’s for many reasons. For one, the latest premium phablet from the South Korean tech giant will arrive with an updated S-Pen and an iris scanner. Samsung has already shown us how the S-Pen works in a video and now it’s the iris scanner’s turn to be in focus.

As early as June, we heard of Samsung registering for iris scanning-related trademarks. A few weeks before official announcement, some images were leaked pointing to the supposedly unveiled iris scanner. We had questions about it but those were quickly answered.

Samsung has been saying it’s one of the most secured and we agree because an iris print is unique and difficult to replace. You cannot just copy an eyeprint unless you take the eyeballs. Of course, that’s morbid and you certainly shouldn’t do it but there are some limitations as well for those wearing eyeglasses and contact lens.

The iris scanner is useful and efficient as it can unlock the phone instantly. It can be used to log into websites as biometrics. You can also select and move files to a secure folder with only the iris scanner to recognize them. Needless to say, the security, privacy, and safety of this iris canning technology on the Note 7 is topnotch.

SOURCE: Samsung



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