The South Korean tech giant has finally and officially stopped global sales, production, and exchanges of the problematic Galaxy Note 7 after several weeks of receiving complaints and new problems. More explosions have been reported as well, prompting the company to end production of the Note 7. It’s permanent which means we will no longer see any new Note 7. We were only thinking a second recall might be announced but halting production makes more sense.

Samsung is staying on top of this issue. It started sending out return kits complete with box and gloves. To be sure, its partner Oculus pulled support for the Note7 on Gear VR. The company is further making things right by expanding the recall to include original and replacement devices. Of course, this is somewhat expected because the Note 7 is now dead.

The voluntary recall now includes ALL Galaxy Note 7 phones sold or exchanged in the United States. This means the date is no longer an issue because those units sold before and after the first recall last September 15 are also part of the new recall. Those over one million replacement phones with supposedly safer batteries.

This announcement by Samsung is more of a formality after the announcement of the company halting production, sale, and exchange. If you own a Galaxy Note 7, please do get an exchange for a new non-Note7 smartphone or receive a refund.

Samsung has already partnered with CPSC in the United States to ensure everyone involved or affected know about the Note7 Exchange Program. Starting today, October 13, you can choose to do one only from the following choices: get a $100 bill credit for a customer who will replace their Note7 with any new Samsung phone or a $25 bill credit for those who want a refund or a branded. This offer will start at 3PM in the US today.

SOURCE: Samsung