The next Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship phone is said to include ‘Bixby‘ as AI assistant which can be easily accessible with a special button. We’ve been saying that the South Korean tech giant is gearing up to venture into the AI game with a new voice assistant called Bixby. The name ‘Bixby’ is just one as now we’ve got word it may also be known as ‘Kestra’.

We’re guessing the two will be male and female versions. Perhaps Samsung wants to give the people the option as it’s mostly female in the voice assistant game. You see, Siri and Alexa need some new rivals and we’re guessing Kestra and Bixby will try to compete.


The upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will have an AI assistant. Trademark protection has been filed to ensure that no one will be able to use Bixby and Kestra. The new Galaxy S line is expected to be introduced at the Mobile World Congress in February but some people are saying it will be delayed to April.

So far, we heard the Galaxy S8 will have two variants, dual camera system, iris scanner, battery from LG, 5.5-inch 4K display, 8GB RAM, 2K screen or two screen sizes, plus touch force technology. We’re also certain that it will have an AI assistant so let’s wait and see.

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