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Another day, another issue? We hate to say those words but it seems we’re bound to witness and hear more problems until Google releases a major software update that will fix all issues. Then again, we don’t know all the problems yet. We appreciate the Android team for acknowledging whatever issues are reported and for promising that solutions are on the way.

Just last week, we told you about the Pixel 2 XL screen flashing. That was after learning the same screen is easy to scratch and the oleophobic coating can be damaged. Some units are reportedly shipping without Android and have some burn-in after one week of usage. We’ve got our hands-on and review already but missed the mic and some installation issues.

This time around, we’ve got word that some Pixel 2 XL owners are experiencing problems with touch responsiveness on the edges. It’s happening and again, Google already acknowledged the issue. An OTA update will roll out soon to fix the issue.

The Pixel 2 XL curved edges aren’t as responsive at times as per a number of users who shared their experiences that include sliding a finger along the screen is okay but tapping isn’t always registered. Apparently, the problem can be repeated in a touch screen test so the issue is really present.

Someone reported the same incident which he experiences while playing Call of Duty Heroes. No doubt the edge screen has a problem, at least, for some Pixel 2 users.

Google’s Community Manager quickly responded and assured the Pixel community an investigation is being conducted and a future OTA update will address the problem. We’re not sure about the exact problem but it appears to be an “over-aggressive accidental touch protection logic” according to Android Police.

VIA: Android Police


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