So if you’re the type who usually jumps at the chance to take on beta software – and you own a Google Pixel or a Pixel 2 – you probably knew that there have been issues with users unable to install the Android 8.1 Developer Preview. But Google has got it fixed now and users who want to try out the developer preview should now be able to.

Google released the Android 8.1 Developer Preview a few days back, but users started having issues with the preview installation. A number of Google Pixel and even Pixel 2 users complained that the installation of the beta update wasn’t completing as needed and their phones were reverting back to Android 8.0.

Google has announced today that this issue has been fixed, and that the said update to Android 8.1 (developer preview) will be arriving via OTA. This means that Google Pixel and Pixel 2 users who are on the latest developer preview software will be getting this update OTA.

“This issue has been resolved. For those of you that faced the issue and were reverted back to 8.0, you will be offered a new OTA (which is rolling out now). Thanks to all of those that sent up reports, and helped us get to the bottom of this,” said a post from the Google Community Manager posted via the Pixel User Community.



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