Another day, another issue? We hate to say this but the next-gen Pixel 2 phones just received another set of complaints. We find this one a bit funny because we haven’t heard of this kind in a long time. You’d think Google would be very careful with quality of its own branded phones but some owners reported to have received units with no OS.

One redditor (pdoubleyou) said he was greeted by a black screen on his Pixel 2 XL phone. The device shows this unfortunate message–“Can’t find a valid operating system. The device will not start.” It’s not a reboot but only the first time to start up the device. The Pixel 2 XL owner contacted Google support immediately who responded that a replacement phone can be availed. Another redditor reported the same incident which means somewhere along the way, there was a misstep.

No wonder this issue was placed under the category ‘MAKES PEOPLE MAD’ on Reddit because really, unboxing a new flagship phone should be exciting and then it turned out to be disappointing only to find it doesn’t have any operating system. This problem is something we don’t want to experience and certainly, Google shouldn’t want this from happening again especially after a number all the problems and complaints that have been reported already especially those concerning the display and audio.

With the latest issue, we’re bound to say Google must have shipped some phones without Android installed correctly. A replacement should be given with no questions asked but it may take a while. Google said the problem has been fixed already but not much details have been provided yet.

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