Nothing much to say here but only appreciation for the OnePlus 7 Pro. Okay, so it’s not exactly the perfect premium flagship as anticipated. Even other flagships from other OEMs aren’t perfect either so we’re embracing the new OnePlus device–flaws and all. We already know the new phone is really water-resistant even if there is no IP rating as proven by a teardown. Another teardown also reveals the phone is not easily repairable. But good news, it’s getting the latest OxygenOS update as promised.

The OnePlus 7 Pro reportedly is experiencing some ghosting issue. Its fingerprint scanner has been fooled by a fingerprint “mold”. Earlier too, the smartphone’s telephoto camera is not real, just 3x optical zoom.

Mobile photography enthusiasts have already noted the premium device’s camera performance can and must improve. The phone’s camera performance score is high on DxOMark but not many people are happy with the actual sample shots.

Our quick OnePlus 7 Pro Hands-on tells us the phone is indeed ultra premium but with prices not as expensive as those from Samsung or Huawei. It’s somewhat “affordable” compared to other premium devices that cost almost a thousand bucks.

The OnePlus 7 Pro allows you to live the ‘Never Settle’ motto and even ‘Go Beyond Speed’. The latest promo video tells us how losing the notch is important. Watch the video below:

In reality, a notch on the screen, especially one that is wide, covers an important area of an image. A full bezel-less screen is always the goal and the OnePlus 7 Pro offers just that.

What OnePlus offers is an ultra smooth display in QHD+ resolution with 90Hz refresh rate. All those traits make it one of the best screens for playing games and watching videos. The Fluid AMOLED technology is what make’s the OnePlus 7 Pro’s display DisplayMate’s latest winner and we can all agree in this area. Other problems remain a mystery but we’re hopeful they will be solved.


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