The recently launched OnePlus 7 Pro is considered one of the best smartphones of 2019, with its latest Snapdragon processor making it one of the fastest devices out there. However, there may be a few concerns with OnePlus’ security record as their past devices aren’t the most secure out there. A YouTube tech vlogger tried to prove that the phone’s fingerprint sensor is “hackable” and he used the classic fingerprint mold technique with tin foil and glue, and apparently this was enough to fool the scanner.

The YouTuber called Max Tech was previously able to hack other devices using this technique, including the OnePlus 6T. By using hot glue on a piece of tinfoil then making an impression of the finger on the glue, he was able to make a mold of his thumbprint. He then tried to see if he could unlock the OnePlus 7 Pro just by using that mold. Sure enough, he was able easily bypass the lock screen by pressing the mold on to the fingerprint scanner.

Before you go panicking that just anyone will be able to do so on your new smartphone, remember that in order for a hacker to do that, they need access to your fingerprint and they need to have your phone with them of course to unlock it. Using the fingerprint mold technique is possible but pretty hard to do unless they stole your phone and somehow got a hold of your fingerprint.

This is also not the first time that a phone has been unlocked. Max mentions it on the video and there’s also a link as to how they did it with the previous device. What they were not able to unlock is the Samsung Galaxy S10. Some hackers were able to do so but they used a 3D printed mold, which is of course more elaborate and complicated.

Will you still get yourself a OnePlus 7 Pro even if you’ve seen the video below?


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