The Samsung Galaxy Fold doesn’t have the honor of being the first foldable phone but it’s one of the firsts. It has an advantage over other OEMs because it makes its own foldable-flexible display. A pair of new foldable phones can be anticipated and they may feature different designs like one the folds outward similar to Huawei’s foldable entry. There’s also the idea of a filp-phone or clamshell folding phone that will take us back to the time of Moto Razr or the Samsung Galaxy Folder.

All these information come from an unnamed source privy to the internal plans of the brand. We’re assuming their prices won’t go over the $2,000 price point.

This new foldable phone category may help usher Huawei in beating Samsung. Samsung needs to watch out but we believe it will be difficult to beat the South Korean tech giant.

Meanwhile, Apple has no known plans yet for a foldable phone or even just a 5G phone so any OEM can beat the Cupertino company.

Samsung isn’t confirming any plan but we believe the Galaxy Fold is only the first. IMHO, it needs to double time because its first foldable phone isn’t as advanced as Huawei’s. We’re crossing our fingers the next foldable phones from Samsung will be innovative, interesting, and impressive. Let’s wait and see.

VIA: Bloomberg


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