Microsoft Surface Duo US Availability Pricing

Microsoft has a potential bestseller in the Surface Duo. The hybrid phone-tablet runs on Android with a customized interface. It’s been anticipated since last year when the software giant introduced the Surface Duo and the Surface Neo. We have no update about the Neo but the Duo has officially launched in August after a series of leaks and teasers by company executives. The virtual briefing was then followed by pre-order starting as the device is almost ready for mobile productivity.

The Microsoft Surface Duo is promised with three years of Android updates. We’ve seen the device ready with side by side views and is said to be ideal for most tasks. Also notable is the enterprise-level security by Microsoft.

Surface Duo camera features and UI known so far were listed. Benchmark scores are high as the device outperforms other flagships. Just a couple of weeks ago, we mentioned the Surface Duo would be available on Best Buy and AT&T stores very soon.

Microsoft said that Surface Duo would be an exclusive offering in the United States. Those living in other key markets won’t be able to get a hold of the Surface Duo via official means. The company is actually vague when it comes to details. No timeframe has been provided as well except for the September 10 release as noted last week.

The price of the Microsoft Surface Duo is $1,399. That makes it a direct rival of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 although they are different in numerous ways. Microsoft is all set to meet customer demand, at least, in the US. It seems Microsoft doesn’t really want to produce more than it can actually sell. The company can always try to improve on marketing though.

A release in the United States could be used by Microsoft as a gauge. It hasn’t made any promises yet but Surface Duo in other markets will capture a lot of attention. We know the device has been certified for Japan, EU, and Canada for some reason.


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