We’re done anticipating for the Meizu Pro 7 because the Chinese OEM has finally announced its new flagship phone and its larger model after several leaks. The first information we heard that it would have a secondary display on the rear panel turned out to be true. It did arrive with a Plus variant. It was sighted on Weibo and went up for pre-order in China earlier and officially, the new Meizu Pro 7 duo was launched last month. We haven’t gotten our hands on one but we’ve seen a quick demo video.

There’s no mention if and when the smartphone will be out in the United States or anywhere outside China but the Meizu PRO 7 Plus version was recently given a teardown treatment. We’re guessing people are really curious about the secondary screen at the back. It’s unique and cool we’re wondering how Meizu was able to add it. We also want to know how repairable the phone is.

The Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus are basically the same. The first thing ZOL Home did was to remove the SIM card tray from the device. At the bottom edge you will see the headphone hack, USB Type C port, and speakers. This side is held by two screws than can be easily removed. Using a sucker tool, the screen is removed even if a bit challenging. You will immediately notice a C-shaped motherboard design similar to how Samsung and Apple do it.

Turning some screws and cables, the motherboard is removed. With the screen out of the way, you will see the handset component is at the top of the screen module. The mtouch component is placed at the bottom, held by a pair of screws.

The other panel holds the motherboard and the second screen. You will see the motherboard is large but as it turns out, the second display is integrated. Meizu used a 10nm MediaTek Helio X30 chipset and LPDDR4 RAM by Samsung and UFS2.1 for storage.

Other components are well glued but can still be easily removed. It’s not really easily repairable, with the second screen especially, so you should know how to do stuff like this if want to do repairs.