Well folks, we still haven’t seen any sort of official announcement or press release regarding the LG Thrill 4G also known as the Optimus 3D but today AT&T has confirmed the launch date for September 4th just as previous leaks suggested. While it has been delayed more than a few times at least it will hit the market with a great price.

You all should know plenty about this device by now but if not you can check out our full review here as well as an earlier review of the LG Optimus 3D before it got tagged with the AT&T logo. This 4.3″ glasses-free 3D phone with a dual-core TI OMAP 1 Ghz CPU is quite the powerful phone and just like we mentioned above, it will be on the market at an amazing price.

We have seen prices of just $99 from AT&T with a new 2-year contract rather than the usual $199 price tag. As well as $79 in Target and RadioShack ads. I don’t know about you guys but getting this phone at that price is a stellar deal, and you wont have to wait long either. With AT&T finally saying it will be here September 4th it appears they are ready for some 3D action. Are you?

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