Because the Galaxy S8 will not be unveiled by Samsung, we’re assuming that the LG G6 will be the Star of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain later this month. We’ve actually filled three pages about the yet-to-be-revealed premium flagship smartphone that will definitely rival the delayed Galaxy S8. LG isn’t too secretive so it’s been revealing little information about the G6 which we’re about to see in a couple of weeks. We know a lot of things about it including the Quad DAC for improved audio quality, Qualcomm SD821 processor, a ‘big screen that fits‘, Full Vision bezel-less display, and non-removable battery.

We also heard an idea that the phone will be waterproof and looks like there is truth to it as the latest info we got has something to do with the device’s water proofing. This is the first time an LG flagship phone will be truly waterproof and water-resistant so we’re excited about the possibility of the future being dunked in water, Coke, or Nutella chocolate as with the other flagship phones.

Water resistance in premium smartphones is high in demand. Consumers want devices that can survive splashes of water or accidental drops in the sink or pool. LG hasn’t fully embraced that idea but looks like the G6 will able to “Resist More. Under Pressure.” according to a new teaser. LG could be referring to an improved water and dust resistance.

LG is also giving us an idea that the smartphone will be more realible than ever. We’re not sure in terms of what but the “Relibility. Check, check, check.” phrase appears to be a mockery of Samsung because of the Note 7 issue.

We could just be putting a different meaning to the words but at least now we know LG is doing numerous tests before the G6 is released in the market. We’re thinking the battery will be checked several times to prevent possible overheating or explosion. It could also be related to just testing the unit many times for its water-resistance and water-proof IP rating.

VIA: SlashGear