We’re down to a couple of weeks before the MWC 2017 so expect a barrage of leaks, rumors, and even early announcements. Now that we’re certain Samsung isn’t launching the Galaxy S8, we’re excited to see the new premium flagship phone from the other South Korean tech. The LG G6 is also anticipated because the mobile industry wants to know if the follow-up to last year’s Best Mobile Device at the Mobile World Congress is just as good.

We’ve heard a lot of about the LG G6, thanks to those rumors and leaks. So far, we know the LG G6 will have a Qualcomm S821 processor, a “big screen that fits”, ‘Full Vision’ bezel-less display, non-removable battery, and support for Google Assistant. We find this one interesting because unlike last year’s model, this will be non-modular.

LG realized that the G5 modular didn’t capture the attention of the consumers. We have an idea about the build and design but we haven’t heard anything about the audio quality. As we all know, last year’s LG G5 boasted of excellent audio quality, thanks to the B&O Hi-Fi audio module. For this year’s flagship device, LG is said to have improved the DAC.

Some people don’t really care about audio setup of mobile phones. But for the true blue mobile audiophiles, they want premium audio setup especially if it’s a flagship device. This LG G6’s DAC will offer improved performance as already proven by the LG V20.

The LG G6 allows excellent sound balance, accurate sound adjustments, noise and vivid impression, reduced distortion rate, and delivery of high-capacity sound sources. This upgraded Quad Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) ESS will definitely make the LG G6 deliver high-performance audio all the time.

How important is the DAC? It’s a device that converts digital sound signals into analog sound signals. The idea is that the more noise reduction and sound distortion, the cleaner the sound quality will be. The upcoming LG G6’s quad DAC particularly uses four DACs in just one chip. It also reduces the size and more noise compared to when using one DAC.