Here’s the latest installment into our head-scratching features on durability and endurance tests of premium flagship phones. Youtuber Adrianisen is back with another crazy Coca-Cola test comparing the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the not-so-new iPhone 6S Plus. This is the same guy who did an Internet speed test on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge almost a year ago. Before that, he dared us to play Fruit Ninja on a Sony Xperia Z3 with a real knife. You think he’s crazy? He dipped the same Xperia Z3 into Nutella and Coca Cola.

In this new Coca-Cola Freeze Test, which one do you think will survive?
Coca Cola Free Test

Adrianisen was actually worried about the iPhone 6S Plus because the Apple phone wasn’t exactly ready for being immersed in any liquid. We all know the S7 Edge is water-resistant being with its IP68-rating.

The Galaxy S7 edge already survived a Water and Dust Resistance Test. We even learned the phone’s water-resistant secrets. It’s NOT waterproof but only water-resistant. Instead of just drowning the two smartphones in Coke, Adrianisen freezed the two in -24 degree. Upon pouring Coke into the phones, the Galaxy S7 edge started functioning, launching the speed test.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge IPHONE 6S PLUS b
The two containers were covered and then placed inside the freezer side-by-side. After 9 hours and 47 minutes, the two phones were finally frozen.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge IPHONE 6S PLUS c

That’s almost ten hours. Totally frozen. That’s hard, iced Coke covering the Galaxy S7 edge and the iPhone 6S Plus.

Warm water was poured into the two containers so the ice would melt quickly. Some more hot water was poured, making holes into the ice. More hot water and some cracking of the ice, the phones were finally retrieved.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 came out first—it still worked!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge IPHONE 6S PLUS E

Meanwhile, the iPhone 6S Plus was already turned off. It was cleaned a bit before charging—it turned on. Phone turned off automatically again but still turned on after another try. There’s still some minor issue on the upper left corner of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge IPHONE 6S PLUS d

Crazy? Even the iPhone survived!

Watch the full video below:

SOURCE: Adrianisen