After months of anticipation, the Razer Phone was officially announced as the ultimate gaming phone back in November. The phone comes pre-installed with the Nova Launcher and ships with no audio jack. The decision to do away with the headphone jack is said to be for the best according to Razer’s CEO. There’s the Hammerhead USB-C in-ear headset as alternative but it’s not free.

The Android phone has received camera and audio enhancements plus optimizations but we’re more curious as to what games can be enjoyed on the 120 Hz UltraMotion screen. You see, the Razer Phone is the first device to have such display technology. We said you won’t see anything like it. The technology delivers the smoothest and fastest refresh rates you’d be impressed that such is possible on small screens.

At launch, about a dozen titles were listed as ideal games to play on the Razer Phone. The company has listed a few dozens more.

• Pac-Man
• Pac-Man Pop!
• RC Soccer
• Super Samurai Rampage
• Chicken Jump
• Zen Pinball

• KillAllZombies
• Meridian
• Bug Butcher
• Caterzillar
• Dash Galactic

• Tekken Mobile
• Injustice
• Injustice 2
• Mortal Kombat X

• Final Fantasy XV: Personal Edition
• Space Rangers: Legacy
• Vendetta Online
• Runescape
• Lineage 2: Revolution
• Evoland
• Middle Earth: Shadow of War

• Titanfall Assault
• Warhammer 40k: Freeblade
• Warfair
• World of Tanks: Blitz
• World of Warships

• Star Vikings
• Puzzle Quest 2
• Talos Principle
• Mini Metro
• Hitman Go
• Lara Croft Go
• Deus Ex Go

FPS. Modern Combat 5, Shadowgun Legends, and Hitman Sniper

MOBA. Arena of Valor and Vainglory

Racing. Gear.Club, Asphalt 8, and Riptide GP: Renegade

Sandbox. Minecraft and Sandbox 3d

Other. Chameleon Run and Armajet

Sports. OK Golf

Rhythm. Dub Dash

Location-based. Pokemon Go



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