google voice mms support verizon

More good news for Google Voice and Hangouts users—the two services finally get SMS and MMS support from Verizon. This is a major development because a lot of people have started to use Google Voice for their messaging needs.

Dylan Salisbury, Software Engineer at Google, announced in his Google+ account that Google Voice users can now enjoy connecting with MMS with Verizon Wireless users. This makes MMS messaging with Google Voice now available on all four major carriers in the United States and the major networks in Canada. Note that T-Mobile allowed MMS to Google Voice users November last year.

Photo messaging was also added to Google Voice. Using Hangouts, you can also add photos to any SMS message and will be sent as an MMS. Group MMS messaging has not been enabled yet but it should be available in the next update according to Salisbury.

Google has been busy updating the Google Voice service. Recently, Google Voice MMS expanded in North America. Google Hangouts also allowed voice calls and it was only last June that Google Voice added international call warning. We’ve been speculating a Hangouts-Voice rolling into one but we can only guess when the merging will happen.

Hangouts and Voice are growing closer together but there are still a lot of things to improve between the two services. Download Google Voice from the Google Play Store