Google has updated the Voice app for Android. But before anyone gets super excited about new features or new functionality — this is a small update. The Google Voice app is being bumped from to version

Even the version number suggests a minor change. It seems the main change this time around deals with Google Voice call settings — specifically dealing with international calling. Upon updating Voice users will see a message about making international calls with Google Voice.

“When you make international calls using Google Voice, we will announce that the call is placed via Google and the rate of the call. If you do not hear this announcement, your call is not being routed via Google Voice and standard operator rates may apply.”

That message is displayed as a pop-up when you launch the newly updated app. Also included on the pop-up is an option to simply acknowledge and say “ok” or head to the “Call Settings” to make any necessary adjustments. Perhaps more important to remember is the standard warning that has been sitting in the Play Store description for Voice for as long as we can remember.

Google reminds users they “must open Google Voice at least once after upgrading to route calls.” Bottom line here, regardless of how small this update may be, or whether you intend to make any international calls — if it updates on your device you should make sure to launch the app just to ensure things are working the way you would expect.

SOURCE: Google Play Store