Google Event October 5 2021

Google is set to make a big announcement on October 5. That is almost certain and we probably know everything there is to know about the upcoming products from the tech giant. A lot of details have surfaced and have been shared especially about the Pixel 6 series. We expect more will be shared in the coming days. As per a source, new products include the Nest, Maps, and Travel devices. Interestingly, an article on CNET included no mention of the Pixel phones.

The original article posted on CNET has since been removed. XDA’s Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) shared the news there would be “a press event scheduled for October 5th” as per CNET.

The Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro are also likely to be unveiled on the same day. Google usually makes a big announcement every October. The past few weeks, our focus has been on the Pixel 6 series but nothing much about other products.

Rumor has it Google will also introduced a new Nest and Travel products. An improved Google Maps may also be revealed. As for the new Pixel phones, we already know the camera features. We’ve seen a hands-on video and the photos.

The phone could come with a Live Translate feature and 33W wired charging support. They will run on the Google Tensor chip.

The October 5 Google tech event is possible but we mentioned the possibility of an October 19 launch and pre-order. Sale date may begin on October 28. Let’s just wait and see.