Google Pixel 6 Pro 33W Charging Support

In a few weeks, Google will introduce two new Pixel phones. The new Pixel duo will include the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. Instead of the Pixel 6 Xl, Google is giving it a new name. Much has been said about the pair but we’re still taking things with a grain if salt until the official product launch. The launch is happening soon as more details and images are being leaked. We saw recently the protective phone cases. We’re certain about the Google Tensor chip as the company already confirmed that bit.

The Pixel 6 series launch may happen in October. By then, we’ll confirm everything we know including the idea that the next-gen Pixel smartphone will offer faster charging.

The original Pixel smartphone launched with an 18W USB-C charger. The Pixel 6 Pro is said to support 33W wired charging. We’re not sure if the regular Pixel 6 will have the same but at least the Pro version will get it.

The source said 33W charging bricks (chargers) have been sighted at Google’s Mountain View headquarters. They could be for other devices but the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the latest offering. The Pixel 6 Pro is said to support different charging speeds. As per our source, it can support 11V/3A (33W) apart from 9V/3A (27W), 5V/3A (15W), and 9V/2A (18W).

A device believed to be the Pixel 6 Pro has hit the NCC. It’s the equivalent of the FCC in Taiwan. There are actually three Pixel 6 Pro models, at least, as part of the testing stage. One model supports 33W charging. The others may not have the same depending on the region.

Another rumor has it this 33W charger will not even come with the phone but may be sold separately. That makes sense as that is the direction of most top OEMs we know like Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi. Google is also said to introduce a new Pixel Stand with 23W wireless charging speed. The speeds are relatively slow compared to other “fast chargers” but it is USB PD PPS standard.


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