It’s summer. Haven’t you noticed? Well, at least, in some parts of the world. In the United States, summer has already started that’s why we’re always on the lookout for great deals because you know, most big brands announce special discounts and sale around this season. Usually, they combine mid-year and back-to-school promos so it’s the best time to shop for new gadgets and some stuff you don’t really need. As for Google, the tech giant is launching a summer-themed sale where you can buy all the latest Google and Android devices at lower prices.

The Google Store Summer Sale started over the weekend last July 8 and will end on July 17. We highly suggest you avail of the good prices now before stocks run out.

Here are the Google-branded items you can buy at discounted rates:

Google Pixel 2 XL. If you’ve been wanting to get the Pixel 2 XL, now is your chance because of the $100 discount. This time, it’s not given as a store credit as usual but instead of $849, you can purchase the 64GB model for only $749. Twice the storage, the 128GB variant, is now $849. Sorry, the Pixel 2 is not included. (Read more about our Pixel 2 XL coverage.)

Google Home Max. The smart speaker can be availed with $150 off if you buy a pair. Get two and apply the discount. Buy two for only $648 ($324 per speaker). That’s with the $75 discount for each unit. That is one good deal for the premium Made by Google device. (Read more about the bigger Google Home Speaker).

Google Home Mini. The smaller and lower-specced smart speaker launched last year that runs on Google Assistant is now $34 after a $15 discount. The Google Home Mini is still available in different colors: White Chalk, Black Charcoal, and Orange Coral. (More on the smaller Google Home speaker)

Google Home. The regular Google Home speaker is sold with a $30 discount so it’s now $99 from $129. If you buy a pair, you will benefit from a $100 discount. The Google Home has since evolved from the first time it was launched. It can now say say “Hola!” to its Spanish-speaking customers, it’s smarter at conversations, offers Google Play Movies &TV support, and streams Starz app directly through the speaker. One time, it even helped you get ready for Coachella 2018. We suggest you buy one now before the Google Home smart display is announced.

Google Daydream View. The VR headset is available at 50% off so it’s now $49, at least, during the sale period. This one is ideal to use with the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL because it offers new AR and VR experiences. (Our Google VR Headset coverage).

Chromecast Ultra. Until next week, you can take advantage of the 4K-compatible Chromecast Ultra streaming device for only $54. That’s with a $15 discount already. The Chromecast Audio and the regular versions are only down to $25. The last two are older models, about three years old now having launched in 2015, but they still work and offer streaming convenience. The Ultra model is ready for 4K Ultra HD and HDR streaming.

Check out the GOOGLE STORE for more information

VIA: 9TO5Google


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