Google Pixel foldable phone

The Pixel Fold, Google’s rumored foldable phone, isn’t even final and official yet but now we’re learning the tech giant may be dropping the plans. The information was from DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants) who said that Google is no longer bringing the Pixel Fold out in the market. It won’t be out this 2021 and not even in 2022. Perhaps Google may be thinking it is not ready yet and maybe there is no point in trying to compete with Samsung in this category.

At the moment, Samsung is leading in the foldable phone game in Europe and the US. Samsung isn’t really a big player in China but there are several OEMs that are entering the foldable smartphone market like Huawei, Honor, Vivo, Xiaomi, and OPPO.

The idea of a Pixel Fold has been floating around since 2019. Google was mentioned to roll out standards for foldables, larger screens, and tablets. Back in July, we noted a Google foldable phone may be in the works and could use UTG.

A Pixel Fold foldable phone reference was seen on an Android 12 beta source code. A new Pixel foldable phone codenamed ‘Jumbojack’ was also sighted. A foldable Pixel was already sighted on AOSP. And just earlier this month, we heard a Google Pixel foldable phone may be released soon.

Much has been said about the Pixel Fold. It was anticipated to come with up to 120Hz refresh rate on an LTPO display with no under panel camera. The cameras have been said to be not the impressive and may not even match the Pixel 6 series camera specs. We’re looking at a 12.2MP IMX363 sensor, IMX386 12MP ultra-wide, and two more 8MP IMX355 sensors.

When Android 12L was announced, we learned a more ideal platform would be ready for the Pixel Fold and other foldable devices. The next few months will be interesting as other OEMs make related announcements. There may be Chinese brands launching new foldables before the end of the year and next year.

DSSC said the forecast this year for the foldable smartphone panel may go from 10.4M to 10.0M. This is partly because of the chip shortage problem and cancellation of some plans. As for Google, we’re not expecting the Pixel Fold to be announced anytime soon.