Google Pixel Foldable Phone

Last month, a Pixel Fold foldable phone reference was discovered on the Android 12 beta source code. It doesn’t really mean the product is ready or will be announced soon but Google could already be working on it. A foldable Pixel was actually sighted on AOSP as early as last year so we know the tech giant is really considering this form factor. The Google foldable phone is codenamed ‘Passport’. With the release of Android 12.1, it appears another Pixel foldable device is being planned.

Another phone codenamed ‘Jumbojack’ has been sighted. It could be another variant for the foldable phone believed to be released soon. By soon we mean this coming Q4 2021.

Android 12.1 is also in the works which could be ready for other mobile devices. That could include another Pixel foldable phone. There have been references to a new Android API known as “posture”. Different hinge positions includes flipped, half-opened, close, and opened.

The ‘Jumbojack’ could only be a testing device. We believe it’s another Pixel device and we’re assuming a Pixel foldable phone. As described, this phone will come with two screens. When folded, the secondary display is no available. We could surmise it will be like the Samsung Galaxy Fold with its book-type fold format.

This could mean there will be a large display inside and a smaller external screen like a regular phone. This Jumbojack is said to run on Android 12.1 which could be a special version for the foldables. It may include different features like split-screen so you can take advantage of the big screen real estate.