It’s been more than a year ago since we heard the idea Google would be discontinuing the Google Now Launcher. It was believed to happen by March 2017 but it’s only now that the tech giant’s first public launcher that came with Nexus phones before is saying goodbye. It’s been part of the Google Mobile Service package but the launcher will no longer be available. What the Android community can now have is the Google Now service being integrated with other launchers such as the Lawnchair Launcher, Action Launcher, and Nova Launcher.

This week, Google Now Launcher is no longer compatible with the old devices that used to run it. Save for the Pixelbook, the launcher won’t be supported on those Nexus-branded products. We somehow expected this would happen because we haven’t heard anything new about the launcher.

Google Now is still available but the app launcher is going away. We’re guessing the Google Assistant is taking over its spot in many areas. If you still want a similar launcher, you can download from the Play Store. There are several app launchers available including the Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, Android Go Pixel Launcher, Smart Launcher, Lean Launcher, Android One Launcher, and of course, the Pixel Launcher.

VIA: Android Central


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