You might not have heard of the name “AmirZ”, or you might have. If you have, it might be because you used his rootless port of the Google Pixel Launcher which he released last year. Indeed, a lot of other Google-based launcher projects used his port as a jump off point, so we have a lot to thank him for. This year, he’s back with another launcher port.

The Android One Launcher is not very different from the stock Google Pixel Launcher. You might notice a few differences here and there, but the changes are mostly visual. So AmirZ taking the Android One Launcher from the Xiaomi Mi A1 is not that big a deal – but it does give you a choice now if you want the stock Pixel Launcher or the Android One Launcher, depending on which you prefer.

The catch with the Android One Launcher that AmirZ has ported from the Mi A1 is that it has a working Google Now feed. This feature doesn’t usually work on other devices because of restrictions by Google, but somehow the developer has made it work.

If you want the files for this launcher ported by AmirZ, check out the source link below. Remember that using the launcher will mean that the aesthetic customizations you made on your device might be covered by this new launcher upon installation.



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