Samsung Galaxy Z Flip HIdeaway Hinge Sweeper Technology

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the second foldable smartphone from the South Korean tech giant. We thought it would be the Galaxy Fold 2 but that one won’t be out until the second half of 2020. The Galaxy Z Flip is the company’s first foldable in a clamshell form. It’s a direct rival of the Motorola RAZR. It was officially announced in February together with the Galaxy S20 phones. It’s not exactly a bestseller right now because of the price but it has a lot of fans.

The clamshell foldable phone is more famous due to its novelty. We managed to have a hands-on review but soon learned some unfortunate reports like that cracked screen and not so dust-resistant design. For a time, the phone was reported to be sold out but was quickly restocked even before its factory was closed down due to the coronavirus outbreak.

People have always been curious about the design of the foldable smartphone. It comes with a Hideaway Hinge that boasts a Dual CAM Mechanism. Samsung was generous enough to explain the design and now we’re learning about another innovation that made the foldable clamshell design possible.

Samsung has implemented what it calls the Sweeper Technology. From the name alone, we imagine it has something to do with sweeping and cleaning. And yes, this is what helps protect the phone from dirt and dust.

The phone has several spaces between the hinge and the body. They can’t be avoided but Samsung knows there must be protection. This Sweeper Technology also helps the device meet three conditions from elasticity to long-lasting flexibility, and slimness.

The Hideaway Hinge comes with sweeper fibers that are also pliable to cover the gaps that may be shown during folding-unfolding. They are the ones responsible for keeping the dust and dirt from getting or staying. Even after a long time, they remain durable but flexible so the phone doesn’t get dirty inside. (View full image here)


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