The second half of the year is about to start which means we’ll hear financial reports and numbers about how good or bad a company performed the past two quarters. We said that Chinese OEMs have been getting Apple’s and Samsung’s share of the market. The two may have reached their peak and it’s the time for the young players to shine. We can’t really say that they are in danger but both of them must be wary of their next steps. Even LG must be careful if it wants to remain in the mobile business.

The competition will be tighter in the coming months as the three tech giants are slated to introduce new flagships. Samsung has the Galaxy Note 8 while the Apple is expected to roll out the iPhone 8. LG also has the V30. These three are said to have the latest premium specs and are expected to be introduced beginning August. The iPhone 8 will come later in September.

We’ve heard a lot about the Galaxy Note 8 and we’ve seen a number of leaked images already. We know it will have an Infinity Display and run Android 7.1.1 Nougat. It will also boast of a dual cam design. The LG V30 will be powered by 6GB RAM and a Snapdragon 835 processor. We don’t know much about the iPhone 8 but it will be the model to be released for the smartphone’s 10th Anniversary.

These three phones are expected to have very small bezels. We’ve been saying “almost bezel-less” so we’re excited to know how Samsung, LG, and Apple will each reduce the bezels. When it comes to imaging, we’re excited to try the dual camera system these companies will finally be using. Of course, batteries are also expected to be bigger for an improved battery life. Better memory and data management can also be expected from these upcoming mobile devices.

Among the three brands, LG has an edge when it comes to dual cameras because the company has been using the feature in its premium flagship phones for two years now. The new LG G6 plus last year’s G5 and V20 already have dual cams. The Galaxy Note 8 doesn’t have it yet. We’ll see how the three will be different from each other and how the market will receive them compared to those affordable flagships being introduced by Chinese companies.

VIA: The Korea Herald