Global Smartphone Market IDC 2017

Sorry, Samsung but you may be facing another problem. The South Korean tech giant is now in danger to be overtaken by other OEMs. No, we’re not talking about LG but by the top three Chinese phone makers that are quickly getting the shares of both Samsung and Apple. We knew this day would come but not in this decade, maybe next.

The likes of Huawei, Vivo, and Oppo are said to be quickly getting the shares of the top brands in the mobile game. This is according to IDC’s latest report that combined the numbers of the three companies. The result is a 15.5 million unit increase compared to the same period the previous year (Q1 2016). The three firms sold together 77.9 million units last quarter (Q1 2017) while Apple and Samsung sold 51.6M and 79.2M units, respectively.

The two tech giants that have always been on top of the mobile industry. However, their combined market shared dropped by less than two percent—now at 22.8% for Samsung and 14.9% for Apple.

There is clearly market growth but unfortunately, not so much for Samsung and Apple. The Chinese OEMs are doing really well not only in the local market but also in the global smartphone market. We know that one of the major reasons why this is happening is because prices of their phones are almost half of those from Apple and Samsung.

The South Korean tech giant still shows strong sales despite the Note 7 fiasco, thanks to the mid-range Galaxy A and Galaxy J series devices. They look like the premium Galaxy phones but with more affordable prices.

IDC said the numbers are expected to improve this year after a not so good 2016. We’ve been seeing new innovations in smartphones this year so we’re positive people will get more excited and interested this year.

VIA: The Investor