Now that the Note 7 fiasco is almost over, we’re curious to know if Samsung will still release the Note 8. After announcing the investigation results, Samsung is ready to confirm the arrival of the next Note. Yup, the South Korean tech giant is keeping the Note line according DJ Koh, mobile chief at Samsung. The executive said they will definitely “bring back a better, safer, and very innovative Note 8.”

While the Note 7 overheating issue has been identified, Samsung is now in the position to fix whatever problem it is facing or previously failed to fix. You may think that the company is better off with the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus but releasing a new Note is something Samsung wants to do.

There are still people who have their Note 7 which could only mean that they are still happy and content with their phones. Of course, there’s also the fact that their units haven’t exploded yet. There are still about 3% of them who have not returned the Note 7 all over the world according to a recent data. That’s already a small percent of the market but Samsung really doesn’t like the idea that there are still potential risks out there.

Moving forward, Samsung is determined to make things better and improve quality assurance protocols by launching new safety measures. Battery suppliers are at fault but Samsung failed to catch the problem. We’re hopeful that the company already learned many lessons. It’s not only Samsung but other OEMs and manufacturers should also learn from the mishap.

The new Note has been confirmed. Samsung believes that some of their most loyal customers own Note devices because it’s one of its major and premium series. Releasing the Note 8 is a great measure of progress in the future. There are still Note 7 users who can’t be left behind according to Samsung so it’s keeping the line.

VIA: SlashGear, CNET