Andy Rubin’s Essential Team has been working hard to ensure the Essential Phone is in its ultimate form. It may have been delayed for almost a month but the device is now available online from the company website and other retailers. As of end of September, only about 5,000 units have been sold. That is low if we are to compare it to Samsung, LG, or Apple but we won’t just yet because the startup is relatively new.

We’re banking on the fact that it’s Andy Rubin, the Father of Android, at the help so we’re expecting this one will be good. The sales figure and performance may change since the Pure White version of the Essential Phone is now up for purchase on, Best Buy, and Amazon.

The phone is also sold by one mobile carrier exclusively but unlocked which means you can also use SIMs from other networks. We already know the Android phone is now on Best Buy. The device has also been ready in stores early September but only the black version.

To review, we’ve got our quick preview of the Essential Phone. We said it’s getting regular monthly updates and is challenging to repair as revealed by a Teardown and Durability Test. The phone has also been dropped many times in a series of tests.

SOURCE: Essential