The Essential Phone is now available. After over a month of missing the deadline, Essential Products, Andy Rubin’s new company, has just announced the phone. You can now order for one directly on Essential’s website, Best Buy, and one mobile network. Sales may be exclusive to one carrier but the device is compatible with all other carriers in the United States. For $699, you can have the unlocked Essential Phone. If you can spend an extra fifty bucks, you can get the phone plus the Essential 360 Camera as a limited bundle offering.

We believe this smartphone has potential not just because it’s a project by the Father of Android but because its design is meant to last longer than usual. The Essential team understands that “devices shouldn’t become outdated every year”. Phones “should evolve with you” because technology moves so fast. There really is no point in getting a new phone each year if you can upgrade just the software or OS. You see, much of a device’s performance depends on the operating system. High specs don’t always mean premium performance.

As for the Essential Phone, the team guarantees the unit can get Android OS updates for two full years. This also includes monthly security updates for up to three years. Monthly updates are appreciated and we think this one is possible since BlackBerry is able to do it.

Hardware wise, the Essential Phone can have more features with new wireless accessories. It’s like a modular phone because you can snap on special accessories to bring new functions to the device. One example is the snap-on 360-degree camera. Every few months, Essential will introduce new ones that you can use with the Essential Phone.

SOURCE: Essential Products