Essential Phone

The Essential Phone is coming soon. How soon? Tomorrow or today depending on where you live. In the United States, the Essential Phone will be available beginning September 14 from its one and only carrier–Sprint. The choice of the mobile network is interesting but then again, the phone will be sold unlocked which means you can also use SIM cards from other networks. You can now pre-order for the phone but it will be ready in stores tomorrow.

The mobile network has also announced a special promo. You can get the Essential Phone for only $14.58 per month under the Flex Lease option if you are eligible to avail of the promo. Downpayment is not a requirement so the deal brings the price to about half if you get approved.

If you are a current subscriber of the network, old or new, you can take advantage of this promo. You can also purchase the 360-degree camera for only $199.99 or installment for 12 months with a $16.67 monthly fee. The unlimited plan is $22.50 per month for each line. You can avail up to a maximum of four lines. We suggest you sign up now because, by next month, it will be $60 per month but only for the first line.

VIA: SlashGear