So far, so good. That’s how we want to describe the Essential Phone. We’re not yet done with our preview and comprehensive analysis but we already got our hands-on feature. Andy Rubin’s latest project has been the talk of gadget town since it was first announced and especially since when we learned it would be delayed a bit. The phone is currently being offered exclusively by one mobile carrier. However, it is unlocked and is also now up for purchase on Best Buy.

The Essential Phone was released earlier this September and a recent estimate tells us about 5,000 units have already been sold. The estimate was done by a team from BayStreet Research. The phone rolled out from the carrier exclusively in the United States but the Android phone is sold unlocked which means you can use it on other mobile networks. The number isn’t exactly high but good enough for a new product from a new brand. Then again, this one has Andy Rubin’s stamp on it.

We can’t say yet the Essential Phone can rival Samsung and Apple’s flagship phones but the initial sales are low. We’ll see how the numbers will change in the coming weeks and months especially now that Best Buy has begun selling the phone.

The $699 Essential Phone is presently available through one carrier and Best Buy. We’re expecting the phone to also be sold by other retailers together with the Essential Home smart home hub. Essential PH-1 is also offered for $14.58 per month for 18 months and with no downpayment.

VIA: Fierce Wireless