Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Drop Test

We haven’t featured any drop test lately because it can be heartbreaking. The last one we remember was that scratch, bend, and drop test for the LG G6. JerryRigEverything’s Zack Nelson took the challenge and dropped the Essential Phone numerous times. In a series of drop tests, we see how Andy Rubin’s new project would hold up after being dropped facing down, back panel face first, waist height, and from the side.

First drop was facing down with the Essential Phone sliding off from the knee of Zack. The result? The screen on the bottom side part cracked a bit but the phone is still functioning.

Watch the complete drop test video below:

With the back panel dropped facing down, the ceramic back panel is still fine. Dropping the Essential Phone from pocket height, there’s still nothing on the back panel. Dropping it again from waist height, the phone still works fine.

Dropping it again from waist height and back face down, the ceramic is still solid but the corner cracked a bit. The plastic is damaged on the sight but the ceramic is still undamaged.

The screen is damaged after several drops so it is recommended that you get a screen protector. The ceramic back panel definitely holds up.

SOURCE: JerryRigEverything