Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 History

We like the idea of a foldable device but we knew it wouldn’t be an easy one to make. Samsung has always been at the forefront of the foldable-flexible phone industry even if it’s not the first to commercially introduce such. China’s Royole Flexpai has that honor. But then Samsung was the first to make everything flashy. The first-gen Galaxy Fold wasn’t perfect though. Samsung learned a lot from its initial release. At least, it was able to come up with a working flexible display since it started development in 2016.

Samsung has released its third foldable phone offering in the form of the Galaxy Z Fold 2. It’s introduced after the Galaxy Z Flip and the original Galaxy Fold. The new product appears to be more robust and more than ready. It will be an interesting device since the company has upgraded a number of things.

We haven’t gotten ahold of one yet but we’ve seen initial reviews. Samsung has also been busy promoting the phone. It had its own Unpacked event last week. A number of early hands-on videos have been published as well. We saw that TikTok video and T-Mobile’s unboxing video. The Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 2 screens have been compared. We also won’t forget that hands-on and first impression video featuring the South Korean Boy Band BTS.

Samsung has published another video that tells of several untold stories. Mainly, the video features how the idea for a foldable phone came about.

The Samsung foldable phone started with the idea of having an “immersive viewing experience” but still portable “in the palm of your hand”. The idea actually started when the South Korean tech giant was working on the Note in 2011. The question of the possibility of meeting both needs was asked. The answer was it’s possible if you will fold the phone.

Samsung explored every possible way to “fold” the smartphone. After years of research and development, it finally launched the Galaxy Fold in 2019. The top mobile OEM wanted to change the shape of the future. It’s a new form factor. Several questions were asked like the display technology.

As we all know, Samsung used an Ultra-Thin Glass. It’s like plastic but it’s a very thin glass–thinner than a human hair. Samsung explains the technology: “For the Z Fold2, we rearranged the physical interaction between the soft layers and rigid layers, to give it enhanced strength. Then we optimized the property and thickness of the adhesive, so the display would remain flexible even in low or high temperatures.”

A lot of thought and testing were put into technology. The new Z Fold2’s display is more ready now to deliver a more premium look and upgraded usability. Samsung improved the hinge by designing “two virtual axes to lie hidden under the display”. The result is “no-slip” even when the device is opened or closed.

The new foldable phone has a firmer snap. It can stand up on its own, thanks to the Flex Mode. It can stay at multiple angles similar to the Galaxy Z Flip as made possible by the CAM mechanism.

Samsung further explains the CAM mechanism in the video. More details have also been shared about other software related features. Watch the video and see for yourself.