Android One Philippines

Android One, Google’s simpler version of the Android OS, is still not as popular but the mobile platform is slowly arriving in most emerging markets and developing countries. India was set to receive the first Android One phone last year and it sure did just before 2014 ended. Unfortunately, sales in India were low because Google decided to release it online ahead of retailers. Apparently, the retailers refused to stock up on Android One devices because of the search giant’s decision earlier.

The Android One also arrived in the UK last November. It was also announced that Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka will also receive Android One but no word on release date yet. Earlier this February, Indonesia finally received Android One packed with Android 5.1 as we also noted recently.

Another country in Asia is getting the Android One. Phones powered by Android One will be available in the Philippine market with MyPhone and Cherry Mobile providing the smartphones. Specifically, the MyPhone Uno and Cherry One–both Android One-running phones will also have the latest version of Android Lollipop according to Google Vice President of Product Management Caesar Sengupta.

As with other Lollipop phones, the Android One with Android 5.0 features a battery saving mode, Material Design elements, and some quick settings to conserve data and power. Most Android One phones are expected to have rear- and front-facing cameras, microSD card slot, and dual SIM card slots.

The Android One phones will also allow Chrome browser data compression to save on data. You can also take advantage of YouTube Offline if you want. The Philippines is the sixth country to receive Android One.

SOURCE: Google