Google has been hawking Android One devices in some areas of the world for a while now with mixed success. Android One is the name for an entire series of low cost smartphones powered by the Android operating system. Android One devices are aimed at folks who want a smartphone but can’t spend hundreds of dollars on one.

The launch of Android One devices in India didn’t work out well as sales volumes were low and many carriers didn’t offer the phones to customers. Google is set to roll out Android One devices in Indonesia soon and it has been confirmed that the devices in Indonesia will come with Android 5.1 installed.

Android 5.1 is a big step up from the current 5.0.1 version of the operating system. The big jump would seem to indicate some big changes in the OS. However, the change log for the operating system has yet to turn up so what exactly has changed is unknown.

Until the change log shows up so we can see if there are major differences between 5.1 and the current version of Lollipop, we can only guess why the big leap in version numbers. It could be that for the Indonesian launch Google just wanted a new round number to tout, but that is unlikely. We will be on the lookout for more details.

SOURCE: Android Police


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