Another week has wrapped, and that means it is time for another Android Community Weekly Wrap-Up post. Except this is likely one of the few times there is more excitement about what is to come in the week ahead, as opposed to a proper look back at the previous week. Nate did a ‘what to expect’ style post on the 21st, and that should offer a good idea of what is expected to come out of Barcelona this week.

As we have mentioned, Android Community is live on-site, and currently typing these words from a small apartment in Barcelona. The show officially kicks off on Monday, however there are some smaller events and meetings beginning today. Samsung has already announced the next-generation Galaxy Gear, which actually arrived as two models, the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. You can read the full set of details in the earlier published announcement post, and rest assured, we do plan on checking them out in person for some hands-on coverage.

We also managed to spot the Huawei smartwatch on the way to Barcelona. We were able to grab a pic, and what we saw confirmed the earlier leaked image. Stepping back from some of the coverage related to MWC, there were also some goodies this past week — aside from rumors and leaks, which we aren’t going to highlight here in this post.


Google announced the dates for I/O. The event will be taking place on June 25 and 26, and Google also has a change of plans in terms of how hopeful attendees will be able to register. Another announcement from Google this past week was Project Tango. As the name would suggest, this is clearly early days, but interesting nonetheless. Project Tango is a developer oriented Android handset that will initially be available in a limited run of 200. More exciting here is what the handset can do — map your world in 3D.

Some of the other highlights from this past week included the Facebook purchase of WhatsApp — for a staggering $19 billion. Though, to clarify, that was ‘only’ $4 billion in cash with the rest coming as stock. But still — $19 billion. NVIDIA also unveiled the follow-up to the Tegra Note 7, this time with LTE support. This model, along with the original Tegra Note 7 will also be getting Kit Kat.

And then we had Amazon, who are still being rumored to launch a set-top box. Current rumors point to March, which is quickly approaching. And finally, this week we published our review of the Boost MAX, and Nate also continued spending time with the iPhone.