Hello and Happy Holidays to all you Android fans. Today we have another Android Community Weekly to wrap up all the fun and exciting news from this past week in the Android world. Being Christmas in a few days this is our holiday edition. We wanted to take this moment to start by saying have a happy holiday’s, and our team will be taking off Monday and Tuesday to enjoy the Christmas spirit. Read on for everything that happened this week.

Hmm, a lot happened this week and we’re not sure where to begin. Samsung had tons of Jelly Bean updates, Verizon had a big week, and Google was in the news more than a few times. We’ll start with some extremely interesting news from Friday, that being Motorola and Google working on a next-gen smartphone to take on the Android greats. It’s being called the X-Phone for now, and we don’t know much else. Then Google’s Android team released a Happy Holidays Video for your enjoyment.


We have a little more Google news too. The official Nexus 7 dock leaked and is coming later this month, and Google’s been showing off the Nexus 4 in a new TV commercial. Lastly we’re not sure this has much to do with Google, but it’s been being called the $99 Nexus 7. ASUS’s new 7-inch tablet was leaked in the flesh — check it out.

There was tons of awesome and exciting news this week. Samsung’s Verizon Galaxy S III got Jelly Bean, ASUS updated their Padfone 2, and there’s tons more so be sure and check it all out. We’ll end on a few fun notes and let you enjoy the holiday weekend. Google’s send a call from Santa is back, Huawei’s 6.1-inch phablet was shown off, and Neilsen’s year end report has Android on top. Last but not least enjoy New Years with the official Times Square Ball drop app.

We’ll be enjoying Christmas Eve and Christmas with our friends and family, but expect a few reviews and tips to come while you enjoy those new Android toys you open on Christmas morning.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend folks!



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