Just like years past, Countdown Entertainment and Toshiba have released their brand new and updated Official Times Square Ball Drop app for Android. They’ve completely updated and redesigned the app for the new year, and as expected supports the latest versions of Android and more. To learn how to get your picture on the big screen live in New York this year read on below for all the details.

If you’ve never been to New York City on New Years Eve it’s a site worth seeing at least once. Same goes for my little town here in Las Vegas!! Today Toshiba and Times Square have tossed their latest edition of this popular app in the Play Store. The update is available as we speak and looks rather nice, as always.

Just like last year, Toshiba has their massive screen right in the middle of Town Square. Using their official Ball Drop app users on Android and iOS can upload their photo right to the app, and if you’re lucky your face will be shown right on the big-screen for the entire world to see. Better make it a New Years kiss with that lucky someone. I’ll be doing a toast myself.

The app will be streaming all of the NYC live performances by tons of popular artists, there’s a Times Square wedding this year they’ll be showing, as well as the countdown and ball drop of course. Don’t forget to stay up til midnight to watch the Crystal ball drop in all its glory. Bust out the champagne and enjoy yourself. Get the official Times Square Ball drop app right now from the Google Play Store.

[via Times Square]


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