According to some interesting reports today from the Wall Street Journal, Google and Motorola are teaming up to take the smartphone world by storm. As if Android already hasn’t done just that, We’re now hearing Google’s designing a brand new device named internally as the X-Phone to truly take over Apple and Samsung in the smartphone world.

This news has literally just broke a matter of minutes ago, so hopefully we’ll be able to dig up tons of details and additional information in the coming days or weeks. The report also states that Motorola’s current popular line of Android and DROID smartphones won’t be replaced, and this will be another line all together. Sounds exciting.

We’ve been saying the words “Motorola DROID Nexus” ever since Google acquired Motorola, but it sounds like this will be the result instead. That isn’t all either. They’re also working on a project called the ‘X Tablet’ as well, now that the X Phone is nearly reached its final stages. Yup, WSJ said the X Phone is in the final stages, which means we could be seeing or hearing more very soon. I’m getting excited already!

Reports suggest Google’s own product manager Lion Ron has been heading up this project, and was previous in charge of Google’s mapping attack. Which as we know has been extremely successful to say the least. Motorola’s new CEO Dennis Woodside declined to comment on the matter, but hopefully we hear more. According to the Wall Street Journal plenty of next-gen technology has been looked into, and could possibly be inside this new flagship super-phone. Talks of bendable displays, ceramic frames that are extremely durable, longer battery life and tons of “evolutionary” features. Although it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. I’m excited, but we might want to take this all with a grain of salt.

Stay tuned for more details! Drop us your thoughts and comments below.

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