While shipping might be a little behind for those hoping to get a shiny new Nexus 4 for Christmas, Google‘s wasting no time showing off their brand new smartphone and some of the awesome features it has. Google’s back with another Nexus commercial today, this time showing users the power of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean‘s Photo Sphere feature to take the perfect holiday photos.

Today Google’s new commercial is aiming for the hearts of buyers, just like their last few Nexus 7 commercials. They have a family gathered for the holidays and using the LG Nexus 4, and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean you can take unique photos of the entire family. Photo Sphere is one of my favorite features on Jelly Bean, and actually works quite well. Check it out on YouTube.

Google aims to change the way you take family photos this holiday season. Now only if they had enough Nexus 4 devices in stock to actually sell to customers, then we could really enjoy the holidays and all the awesome features. As it stands now many are still patiently waiting for their new Nexus 4 to ship, so this video is more of a teaser (of what you can do next year) than anything.

Either way, the LG Nexus 4 and Photo Sphere is an awesome feature, even though I don’t get results quite as perfect as good ol Google did in the video above. I do however love being able to take pictures of the entire room with ease. Check out the image from the video on Google+ then enjoy the feature yourself once you get your own Nexus 4. Happy Holidays guys!

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  1. Problem is that the phone basically doesn’t exist. It’s vaporware–I can’t see them on the Play market. Will it ever be sold again, or should buyers just go for the SIII or iPhone? (I’m really curious what you’d advise).


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