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Detailed photos of Galaxy Note 5 leaked

If people’s EQs were higher and our patience longer, then we only have a few days left until Samsung will finally show us what their new phablet, the Galaxy Note 5, will look like. But of course, we couldn’t wait for the actual launch (or maybe Samsung fed the leak, we can never be sure) and so a new batch of pictures of the device has been leaked, this time with the box included, confirming some of the specs that have been floating around.

Samsung teaser reveals a “mystery tablet” also to be launched 

While we’ve all been abuzz about the official announcement of the Galaxy S6 edge Plus and the Galaxy Note 5, apparently Samsung has one more ace up their sleeve. Well, that is if a tablet could fit up their sleeve. A teaser for the “Unpacked” event happening this week shows that the OEM may be announcing not just 2 but actually 3 devices and the 3rd one might just be a 7-inch tablet or something to that effect.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5, as clear as you can see it before launch

This is probably the ultimate device leak, when someone makes public your device image renders to be used for official marketing materials. Or at least makes a better job of doing high quality renders. This looks to be what happened here with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5. If you were disappointed at the quality of the leaked images that came before, well, this is your lucky day, it seems.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 looks premium with rugged build

We’ve heard a number of rumors about the Galaxy Note 5 but one of the most notable information is that it will be used for the next Samsung Galaxy Gear VR. Apparently, a version for the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, went ahead but we’re still expecting another version of the next-gen Note model to be unveiled at the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event during this year's IFA. By August or September, we hope to see this Note 5 complete with premium specs such as the highest pixel density ever in a smartphone.

HTC and Samsung begin live stream countdowns

One of the biggest events for new smartphones and tablets to be unveiled each year comes in early March in Barcelona, Spain. The event is Mobile World Congress (MWC) and each year hoards of new smartphones are unveiled at the show. Since MWC happens in Spain, many people who want to check out what their favorite smartphone makers are unveiling can’t go.

Curved OLED wraps Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 may not have been a surprise, but its Galaxy Note Edge sibling is, taking the S Pen equipped phablet and giving it a curved display that wraps around the right side of the phone. Revealed at Samsung Unpacked at IFA 2014 this week, the Note Edge trims the Note 4's 5.7-inch screen down to 5.6-inches - though keeps the Quad HD resolution - but tacks on a curved Super AMOLED piece that can be used as a shortcut bar and notification ticker.
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