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Cook, Schmidt, and Otellini forced to testify on employee poaching agreement

Fridays are normally slow news days, but not this one. Today we're hearing a whopper of a story coming out of All Things D, as Judge Lucy Koh (the very same Judge that oversaw the case between Apple and Samsung) is ordering Apple CEO Tim Cook, Intel CEO Paul Otellini, and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt to give testimonies related to the companies' non-poaching agreement. Allegedly, Apple, Intel, and Google all entered into an agreement that restricted each company from recruiting the others' employees.

Verizon Galaxy Note II Exynos flaw fixed with latest update

It would appear that worries about the recently-discovered Exynos security hole are over for Verizon Galaxy Note II owners. An update is being sent out today that supposedly fixes the security flaw that had so many Samsung owners on edge, so Verizon Galaxy Note II owners can rest easy. Be sure to check your notification panel to see if there's an update waiting for you, and if there is, install that bad boy to bolster your phone's defenses against malware.

Google Handwrite update gives ease-of-use a boost

Last year, Google introduced Handwrite, a new way of searching that had users writing their search terms on their touch screens. It's definitely a neat idea, but as it turns out, it isn't always easy to write on a tiny smartphone screen. Just as well, it would appear that Google didn't pay as much attention to the more intricate languages as it should have. As a result, folks living in China and Japan ran into some problems using Handwrite, but thankfully, Google's latest update is looking to squash some of these issues.

Samsung Galaxy S IV reportedly pops up in AnTuTu database

Well, what do we have here? New benchmark results for a pair of Samsung devices have appeared in AnTuTu's database, and quite a few folks are thinking that both are variants of the highly-anticipated Galaxy S IV. After the success of the Galaxy S III, it isn't exactly a secret that Samsung is plotting another flagship release this year, but so far, we haven't heard anything official from the company.

XBMC brings media center control to Android: 3 steps to get started

You may have heard the news that the XBMC team has released a "user friendly" version of their media player that should be compatible with almost all Android devices. While the app itself may put the focus on accessibility, getting the app running is a little bit more complex than just downloading it from the Google Play Store. Luckily, the steps involved don't seem bad at all, so you should only need to spend a few extra minutes to get XBMC working properly on your device.

Motorola Atrix 2 users get Jelly Bean through official ROM leak

If your phone of choice is the Motorola Atrix 2, then you were probably disappointed to find out that Motorola isn't planning to upgrade the device to Jelly Bean. Last year, the company revealed a list of devices it will be upgrading to Jelly Bean in the coming months, with the Atrix 2 stuck in the column of handsets that are eligible for a $100 credit toward the purchase of a new Motorola phone. That unfortunately means that Jelly Bean just isn't in the cards, so what's an Atrix 2 owner to do?

Sony Xperia Tablet Z reportedly debuting next week

It's been a pretty exciting week for those of us who are looking forward to the rumored Sony Xperia Tablet Z. A few days back, reported specs for the tablet leaked out, and today, the date the new slate is debuting may just have been uncovered. The party responsible for this leak is none other than Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo, so almost immediately, this rumor becomes much easier to believe than most of the whispers that come through our doors.

Falcon Pro for Android gets updated to version 1.6

It wasn't too long ago we were talking about the latest update to Falcon Pro, but this week the developer have pushed out another massive update for the popular Twitter app. It's difficult to find good app support in this day and age, but thankfully, the person behind Falcon Pro - Joaquim Vergès - is all too willing to constantly improve and tweak his app. Even though the app received significant updates at the end of December and then again at the beginning of January, Vergès is back just a couple of weeks later with even more features to add to the already long list.

VIA introduces APC Paper Android PC with $99 price point

We're typically used to seeing Android running on tablets and smartphones, but VIA is using the operating system for one of its upcoming PCs. Capitalizing on the recent trend of inexpensive PCs the Raspberry Pi seems to have ignited, the company announced its new APC Paper PC today. The APC paper sticks out not only thanks to its $99 price point, but for its design - VIA has taken its newest version of the APC mainboard based on a Cortex A9 and packed it underneath a layer of recycled cardboard that folds over like a book.

Sony confirms Android 4.2 for Xperia Z shortly after launch

There are a lot of things to be excited about with Sony's incoming Xperia Z handset, but one thing that has some users a little disappointed is the fact that the phone will ship with Android 4.1 installed on it. There's nothing particularly wrong with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but it isn't the newest version of Android available. These users would like to see Android 4.2 running on the device when it launches, which unfortunately won't be the case.
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