If you’re a fan of Gameloft‘s Wild Blood, then it’s time to get excited, because the developer has launched the first update for the game on the Google Play Store. It’s taken Gameloft awhile to push this update considering Wild Blood was released way back in October, but we suppose “better late than never” is the mantra to live by in this case. That’s especially true when you see all of the stuff that’s being added with this update, including a new multiplayer mode that sounds like quite a bit of fun.

That multiplayer mode has been dubbed “Juggernaut,” and to put things in perspective, it sounds similar to Halo 4‘s new Regicide mode. In the new mode, one player is designated as the Juggernaut, growing in size and gaining “special powers.” Kill him and you become the Juggernaut yourself, gaining those special power all for your own (until someone else kills you, at any rate).

Gameloft has also added a new map called Haunted Castle to the game with this update, along with three new weapons: the Excalibur Sword, Twin Axe Crystal Blades, and the Reckoning Longbow. Players will also be able to equip the King Arthur armor after applying this update, which is fitting since the update also tosses Excalibur into the fray. Finally, Gameloft says that it has improved the camera and controls, now allowing players to assign custom settings.

Other than those new features, there are of course a number of bug fixes, but as is usually the case, Gameloft didn’t get into specifics with the patch notes. The update should be live now on the Google Play Store, and if you don’t own Wild Blood yet, you can pick it up there for $6.99 [download link]. That probably seems like a rather steep price to pay for a mobile game, but looking at the user reviews on the game’s Play Store listing, it seems that Wild Blood is worth the price of admission.