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Sony reveals new Xperia E affordable smartphone

Sony is breaking the mold from its typical product suite with a new smartphone that it claims will be very affordable. If there's one thing Sony is not known for, it's making cheap products. Sony's new phone will be called the Sony Xperia E, and it will be built around simplicity.

Makers of Cut the Rope announce next game called Pudding Monsters

Cut the Rope is easily one of the best causal games on mobile devices. It's right up there with Angry Birds, the kings of the casual mobile gaming scene. Since its release, Cut the Rope has racked up a staggering 250 million downloads across mobile platforms. ZeptoLab, the creators of the ultra-popular game, have finally announced its next game called Pudding Monsters. It will hit the market on December 20.

Nexus 4 stock returning to UK Play Store at 5pm GMT

Have you been patiently waiting to get your hands on an unsubsidized Nexus 4 in the UK? So far, that has been easier said than done, what with the stock Google is able to generate selling out at ultra-high speeds. Well today, Google is adding some more inventory to the Play Store in the UK at 5pm GMT, so if you've been waiting to scoop up one of these devices, you had better be sitting at your computer ready to pull the trigger.

Sony testing chips by MediaTek for affordable quad-core smartphones in 2013

MediaTek might not be one of the first names you think of when it comes to smartphone chips, but that could change soon. Right now, its chips are generally used in low-cost devices sold mostly in the Chinese markets. Most of the big device creators use chips from companies like Qualcomm, NVIDIA, ST Ericsson, but MediaTek has announced that Sony is taking a look at MediaTek for some low-cost devices.

Chrome gaining a foothold on Android devices

On desktops, Chrome is far and away one of the more popular browsers, but on mobile, it has taken a while to find its footing. Well, according to a new report from Net Applications, Chrome is finally getting a decent amount of usage on Android devices. For iOS, the usage is still negligible, but at least Android users are moving over to Chrome. It shows Google's efforts with the browser were not a waste of time.

Samsung rumored to have three new devices in development

A little smartphone creating company you may have heard of known as Samsung is rumored to be very busy bringing some new smartphones along. Not that this should come as any surprise, after all, if Samsung wants to stay on top of the game, it needs to constantly innovate. Today, SamMobile has broken the rumor that Samsung is working on three different devices.
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