One of the most popular keyboard apps on Android is SwiftKey. However, users with Nexus devices who upgrade to Android 4.2 might find that their installation of SwiftKey gets completely deleted upon upgrading. For some users, the keyboard only gets soft disabled, which is annoying, but not nearly as much as problem as the users who are finding the keyboard to be completely deleted.

In some cases, when the keyboard gets deleted, it can take all of its user data with it. This obviously makes the re-install process a lot more annoying. Thankfully, we’ve found out that SwiftKey is aware of the issue, and they are working on a fix.

SwiftKey posted on its blog and addressed the issue: “This is a rare but unfortunate report that we’ve recently been made aware of. We have contacted the Android development team to understand what caused this in their code. We are doing what we can on our end to resolve this issue for those affected.” For whatever reason, the keyboard and Android 4.2 are not playing nice, and this post makes it sound like it’s an issue cause by Google’s code and not SwiftKey.

SwiftKey recommends re-downloading the keyboard from the same source you purchased it from originally. This means you will only be downloading the app and not purchasing it again. Hopefully, this issue is fixed soon, but for the time being, it looks like simply downloading the keyboard again fixes the problem, so it’s not the end of the world.

[via Android Central]