Samsung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III owners looking for a colorful way to protect their device are in luck. Samsung is offering a bundle of Protective Flip Covers for the two devices. With the bundle, users get a bunch of colors at a discounted price.

Samsung is aiming this bundle at people who look at their smartphones as a fashion statement. With a multicolored bundle like this, users can have their phone match their wardrobe. Samsung is offering colors including titanium gray, marble white, light blue, pink, mint, lime green, and orange. That’s seven different colors to match whatever you are wearing.

The cover offers a one piece folding design with a glossy snap on the back and a front cover. The front cover keeps the screen safe and the back keeps the phone free of scratches and helps save the phone from drops. The covers also prevent fingerprints and dirt from getting on the device.

The Protective Flip Covers are designed specifically for the two Samsung smartphones to add as little bulk as possible. The covers sell for $39.99 each with a bundle of four different colors coming in at $99.99. For users who want a little less variety, two colors are available for $49.99. That price is the same on both the S III and Note II.

[via SlashGear]