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Samsung Galaxy Camera gets price and release date for UK

Samsung's Android-based Galaxy Camera finally has a date and price for the UK. The device will be available on November 8. It will feature 16.1 megapixels, a 21x optical zoom, and android 4.1 Jelly Bean on a quadcore processor. It blurs the line between smart phone and digital camera in a way we don't see very often.

Jelly Bean install base rising slowly, Ice Cream Sandwich growing faster

It's time for the update on Android install bases again. It's always interesting to see which versions of Android are growing, which ones are shrinking, and what percentage of Android owners are still hanging around with the old versions. The data from this report is generated based on devices accessing Google Play in a two-week period, which in this case is the period up to November 1. The story of this report is the incredibly slow growth of Jelly Bean, and the solid growth of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Research firm IDC says Android scores 75% of market share in Q3

Android has taken a stranglehold on the smartphone market in Q3, at least according to research firm IDC. According to the report, Android locked down 75-percent of the market, coming in way ahead of iOS, which had only 14.9-percent. To put that in actual numbers, about 181 million smartphones were sold, and of those, 136 million were Android.

Samsung Galaxy Note II moves 3 million units worldwide

Turns out people like Samsung's plus-sized Galaxy Note II. In fact, looks like 3 million people love the phablet. That's a pretty impressive number, but it becomes even more impressive when you consider that the device has only been on the market for a little over a month. That's a lot of people running out to get their Note IIs in a rather short period of time.